Increase Business Acumen

The Contractor Development Program is designed to increase the business acumen of small contractors. Using industry experts in the building trades, participants will be trained in managing a profitable business operation. In addition, they will gain real-world appreciation and network with companies that have work opportunities available in the Peoria community and surrounding areas.

The Minority Business Development Center Contractors Development Program is working to foster a professional climate that enhances opportunities for small business contractors. Our mission is to partner esteemed contract servicers with industry experts through gateways of training, community events, and valuable mentorship. Program participants will also gain practical experiences by networking with local and surrounding neighboring companies.

We aim to recruit and retain experienced contractors, as they serve alongside clean energy-focused businesses. Benefits and services offered through this partnership include, but are not limited to, 1) Access to low-cost capital, including low-interest loans; 2) Support for financial assurance bonding; 3) Back-office support; 4) Permits, instruction, course training, and certification awards; 5) Business plans assistance; 6) Mentorship and outcome-based successes through project development completion and 7) Vendor status appointment with connections to the Department of Labor resources.  The Minority Business Development Center Contractors Development Program extends a hand-up to skillful small business contractors. If you are in search of an advanced opportunity in clean energy endeavors, look no further than our Contractors Development.

  • Business Start-Ups- 3-week Bootcamp
  • Business Academy- 7-week Bootcamp
  • Saturday Bootcamp in Bloomington
  • 1:1 Coaching
  • Back Office Support
  • Online Business Directory
  • Business Address w/ Mailbox Service