The Minority Business Development Center Entrepreneurship Training Program was birthed to partner with aspiring business owners throughout the Greater Peoria community. This program was designed with an emphasis on tools and resources necessary for visible success. Not only in material assets, but also in planning, development, and ongoing support for continued profitability.

This program has proven effective for enhanced practices, partnerships, and professional development. Our One-on-One Business Coaching opportunity is renowned as the difference between dreams and reality. We have aided diverse entrepreneurs to realize their dreams as successful, equipped, and celebrated business owners. Let us do the same for you!

If your strategic gaps include Business Plans, Operation Plans, Branding/Marketing, License and Permits, or Financial Services, please contact our office today. Our academic curriculum, expertise and mentorship opportunities with local and neighboring businesses are available now.

  • Business Start-Ups- 3-week Bootcamp
  • Business Academy- 7-week Bootcamp
  • Saturday Bootcamp in Bloomington
  • 1:1 Coaching
  • Business Incubator Office Space
  • Online Business Directory
  • Business Address w/ Mailbox Service
  • Back Office Support